A first class Mother

“O God, You have taught me from my youth; and I still declare Your wondrous deeds.
And when I am old and gray, O God, do not forsake me until I declare Your strength to
this generation (to my children)” (Psalm 71:17,18).
All of us mothers have a great responsibility before God, to pass on to our children all
that God has taught us. We must not leave this earth without having done so. This is not a
responsibility that we can afford to postpone until our children are grown up. We must
start sharing with our children the wonderful things that God has done for us, right from
the time that they are very little.
Timothy’s grandmother Lois must have passed on her “sincere faith” in God to her
daughter Eunice at a very early age and Eunice in turn must have passed on that faith to
her son Timothy also when he was very young (2 Tim.1:5). The result was that Timothy
grew up to be an outstanding servant of God. What a great service to the church those
two faithful mothers performed.
There is no magic formula for bringing up children aright, since each child is different.
But you must never forget that it was God Who chose you to be the mother of your
children. It was God Who created each of those children in your womb – and He created
each of them with a purpose. He appointed YOU to be their mother. So you have to take
your God-given responsibility seriously and be willing to sacrifice everything for His
sake and their sake.
Children are God’s gift to us, and it is only by His strength and with His wisdom that we
can bring them up aright. We must believe that God will do wonderful things for our
Psalm 127:4 says that children are like arrows in the hands of a warrior. Arrows are used
by a warrior to shoot at the enemy. We can put the Devil to shame through our children,
if we bring them up aright for the Lord.
On the other hand, if we are not faithful, our children can grow up to serve the Devil, for
that is the natural direction in which their corrupt human natures tend. But if we teach
them to reverence God and instruct them in the principles of God’s Word, they can grow
up to be soldiers in God’s army. This is a great responsibility and we must never take it
Psalm 127 goes on to say that the parents of such children will not be ashamed when they
speak with their enemies at the gates of the city (v.5). The Bible says that it is through the
mouths of our children that God plans to crush His adversaries (Psalm 8:2).
May the Lord’s Name be honoured then as the Devil is put to shame through our children.
And when it goes well with our children, we must be careful to give God all the glory for
it. We must not take any of that glory ourselves, imagining that it was because we were
such faithful mothers that our children are following the Lord.
Our boast should only be in the Lord and in what He has done. Not even in our thoughts
should we take any of that glory to ourselves.
God compares His love to that of a mother for her child (Isa.49:15), because as the
Creator of all men and women, He knows that a mother’s love is the closest thing on earth
to His own Divine, sacrificial, selfless love.
There is an old saying that God created mothers because He wanted to show Himself to
little children through them.
Our challenge as mothers is to make our homes such an exciting place for our children,
that they will never prefer any other place to their home. They should always long to
come home from wherever they are.
May the Lord help us to be better mothers then, so that our children can see what God is
like, as they observe us, and see what heaven is like when they observe our home.


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